Java Programming Basics for Your Knowledge

You have to know the Java programming basics in advance to make a Java program. In most programming languages, a program code must be compiled and translated so that it can be run in a computer. Software used to compile called as the compiler, while the thing that is used to translate called as interpreter. Until now the Java programming language has increased which is commonly referred to as the JDK (Java Development Kit).

Java is built on the top of interpreter engine named the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JVM byte will read code byte in the document. Classes of a program as a direct representation of the machine language in program contains for java program. Therefore the Java language as a programming language called portable because it can run on different operating systems, as long as the operating systems are included JVM. This thing is one of the basics of Java programming knowledge for you before you make java program.

Basic Java programming tutorial also is in need to make your java program work well. In java programming we need two important pieces of software, they are Java 2 SDK, Standard edition (J2SE) and text edition like Notepad or Notepad + + but better to use Notepad ++. Those kind of software that are needed for beginner to make java program.